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Blue Cruise Pleasure: Food and Beverage Experience

Blue Cruise is the most spectacular way to explore Turkey's coasts with their unique beauty. On this adventure-filled tour that will offer you unforgettable memories, the food is an important detail that will complete your vacation. As Has Yachting, we offer a special food and beverage experience by prioritizing the comfort and taste expectations of our customers.

7-10 days before your tour date, our experienced catering department will contact you and create a special menu taking into account your food and beverage preferences. The menu, which is determined according to your tour duration, is carefully prepared to offer delicacies suitable for your taste. Thus, you can start your vacation without wasting time. If you wish, we can do your shopping for you. We ensure that you make your payments directly to the suppliers. Our reliable suppliers provide the best quality materials for your boat with seasonal products. All products are loaded onto the boat with appropriate packaging and provided under our control.

Breakfast, lunch, 5 o'clock tea and dinner meals are carefully prepared by our experienced chefs according to your taste and served by our experienced service staff. The quality and taste of the food is of the highest level to ensure your satisfaction at every moment of your tour. We do not charge you an additional fee; all of these services are included in your tour package.

You can also choose from our different menu options. You can find an option that suits your taste and budget with our children's menu, standard menu, luxury menu and deluxe menu options. Menu prices are per person and per day. Drinks are not included in the menu prices, but there is an additional charge for soft drinks.

During your Blue Cruise tour, you will have a safe and comfortable experience while enjoying the magnificent views along with delicious meals. With our menus specially prepared for you for an unforgettable vacation, you will have a travel experience that appeals to your taste buds.

You can contact us for detailed information. We are here to offer you the best service while enjoying the Blue Voyage. Come on, get ready to sail the blue waters and have an unforgettable journey!

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