As Has Yat, we manufacture special design boats, yachts, gulets, trawlers and motor yachts for our customer demands.

The material for the manufacture of mega yachts, motor yachts, gulets and sailboats that we have built is specified as steel sheet, fiber or wood according to the requests of our customers, the interior design is shaped in the project and the boat manufacturing begins. We offer our customers all kinds of comfort in the manufacture of many models such as boats, motor yachts, gulets and sailing boats.

Traditional Turkish Gulets; Gulets with watermelon stern and transom stern are divided into two.
- Due to their structure, watermelon stern gulets have limited interior usage areas and the cabins are placed forward from the saloon. There is an engine room under the hall and the rear of the engine room is used as a porthole. The hall is entered directly from behind and, with its depth of water, looks more aesthetic as an outside view.
- Transom stern gulets have a higher stern due to their structure. From the back there are four or five steps down into the hall. In general, the cabins are placed forward of the saloon, the owner's cabin or galley aft of the saloon. Unlike the watermelon stern gulet, the stern is high and used as a cabin and galley.
The stern of some large gulets is designed as a complete cabin and the galley is a bar placed in the saloon and in the area reserved for the galley aft of the engine room from the bar. In this way, the kitchen and food smell is kept away from the cabins and no one encounters the kitchen in the corridor while going to the cabin, or the food smells coming from the kitchen do not penetrate into the cabins.
Viewed from the outside, watermelon stern gulets are more aesthetic than transom stern gulets. But transom stern gulets have a more useful and wider interior space than watermelon stern gulets.

Subtleties of Yacht Manufacture

Megayacht Manufacturing / Gulet Manufacturing / Motor Yacht Manufacturing / Sailing Boat Manufacturing

Yat İmalatıThe one who wants to build a motor yacht should decide on the choice of materials of the yacht to be built for the manufacture of the motor yacht, make the drawings and plans of the desired model and choose the shipyard where he will get his reference and where the yacht will be built. The shipyard should explain the characteristics of the desired yacht to the naval architect with whom he worked, get the engineer's opinion and initiate a suitable and useful project for subsequent sale. If the project is fully tailored to the specific needs of the one who wants to build the yacht, he will have a very difficult time when he wants to sell the yacht. The project to be created should be useful and sellable at any time. By appointing an experienced captain who is qualified as an expert by the person who will build the yacht, the manufacture of motor yachts starts from scratch together with the engineer, the builder and the captain. Experienced supervisor captain in all phases of the construction of the yacht stands at the beginning of the production, prevents mistakes and ensures coordination between the yacht owner and the shipyard on the decisions to be made. We find experienced captains and supervisors who will support our clients in every way in the manufacture of yachts and make sure that your valuable time and money are used in the right way.

Manufacture of Sailing Boats

Yat İmalatı

Nowadays sailboats are made with different materials and methods. Sailboats made of wooden materials have been made as sturdy and useful in recent times with construction and materials techniques. The new developments in the winding process have brought wooden yachts to the fore by giving them more internal volume and usable area, and after the fiber coating and epoxy paste later applied to the hull are ready, the yacht, prepared for painting, is brought into its final form. Fiberglass yachts are known to last longer than sheet steel or aluminum materials.
Wooden sailboats have a very elegant appearance, which is immediately noticeable by their attitude on the sea. The main reason why fiber sailboats are preferred today is that they are economical and easy to maintain as many people prefer sailboats for sailing because of their affordable cost and they are the boats that they find for sailing lovers in this regard. The reason for the preference is that their care is easier and more balanced than wood. However, wooden sailboats are the best option for those who value the spacious and useful comfort on the upper deck.

What we will try to explain with our experience here is not limited to what we have learned. It is more than what we learn by researching, asking, reading, experiencing at sea and even meeting with many captains who have experienced at sea. However, we cannot say that the most accurate information is ours, but we will try to explain why our experiences are not easily obtained and why the materials we have chosen are correct. In this pre-production decision, we will leave the choice to you, considering the cost of the material you absolutely need and the purpose of use. As it is known, boat manufacturing is made of various materials, and they can vary from wood to epoxy, fiber fiber, composite materials, aluminum to sheet material. Of course, during the selection, the most suitable material is decided at the place of manufacture of the yacht, as well as the reason why we decide to build the shipyards where the desired material is processed in the best way. It can also change in direct proportion to the knowledge and experience of the yacht owner.

Yacht Manufacturing and Material Selection

Yat İmalatı

Our boat manufacturing and project works, which have been going on for many years, have reached world standards. In addition, we have achieved world standards in terms of quality and usage purposes. By providing supervisors, shipyards and technical staff for the new projects of our customers who want to build a yacht using quality materials, we produce classical and modern style boats by combining the most comfortable, economical and useful and quality handcrafts with the innovations in technology.Boats are successfully produced from materials such as Steel Sheet, Wood, Fiber, Composite, Aluminum, which are used in yacht manufacturing in our country. For example, it is possible to produce the same fiber boat manufacturing motor yacht or sailing gulet made in Istanbul today in Antalya shipyards or in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye. The workmanship of yachts with the same costs in production is the same everywhere. If you are thinking of reducing labor and materials in order to build a yacht with cheap equipment, we would like to remind you that the cheap material at sea will also have a short life. A quality yacht will not cost you extra for at least five years. You will have to pay for the maintenance of the yacht made with cheap materials in the second year. Therefore, the sea does not like those who are stingy with materials and will not forgive those who do not build their yacht properly! We provide yacht manufacturing, project, manufacturing or expert services, and introduce new yachts to our customers on the internet through the international network system we work with in the world market.

Shipyard Selection for Yacht Building

Those who want to build a yacht, first design the project they are considering together with the shipbuilding engineer, and appoint an engineer on the project and a person who is familiar with the project or from a reliable company, and the tricks and sine qua non of the work are applied to the project in detail. Starting from the closest place to the region, the hangar that is most suitable for boat manufacturing in the shipyard you find and if the yacht to be built will be laminated wrap, the hangar must have a heating system to dry the epoxy adhesives at a certain temperature, or since the Aegean and Mediterranean regions are hot regions, it would be appropriate to build boats in these regions. , an important issue is that the place where you will manufacture the boat should be close to the settlement for the supply of materials, It would be cost-effective to find places where the personnel working for the manufacture of wooden boats can stay near the shipyard. It is better to make a written contract and especially a legal contract that will protect your interests.

Of course, what we're trying to explain here with our experience isn't as much as what we've learned. It's not as much as what we research, ask, read. As captain, we have learned from the talks


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