Bodrum - Marmaris - Bodrum


Bodrum - Marmaris - Bodrum Route, which is one of the popular Blue Cruise Routes

Bodrum Marmaris Yacht Tour

Welcome to one of the most beautiful routes of Weekly Yacht Tours. Here is Bodrum Marmaris Yacht Tour. This tour will give you an enjoyable week. You are at the right address to spend a nice week with your loved ones. What awaits you on a 1-week yacht tour that will color your holiday and take you to distant beauties?

1 day

We start the blue voyage by stepping on the boat at 14:00. We arrive at Tavşan Burnu or Aquarium Bay at 15:00 and reach the first stop of a sweet journey. You can relax and share this excitement with your loved ones at the place you choose.

2 days

We leave our accommodation at 10:00 and arrive in Knidos at 12:00. We leave here at 15:00 and go to Datça. If you wish, you can visit Datça. Our second day's accommodation address is Datça. Here you will have plenty of time to have fun with your loved ones.

3 days

After spending a pleasant night in Datça, we can set off for our third day. Departing at 10:00, our yacht visits Aktur, Palmiye and Bencik Bays during the day and stops to stay in a suitable bay. You will not be able to take your eyes off the beauty of the bays.

4 days

The address we left at 10:00 and arrived at 12:00 was Selimiye. If you want, you can visit Selimiye or we can stop to spend time in one of the bays of Selimiye. As you wish, our captain will fulfill it.

5 days

The next stop of our yacht is Bozburun. We leave Selimiye at 10:00 and arrive in Bozburun at 12:00. Bozburun Bays are worth seeing. We are coming to the end of the fifth day to stay in a bay of your choice.

6 days

We depart from the bay you have chosen at 10:00 and go to Bozuk Kale and Serçe Bay. After the beautiful hours we spent in these bays, we come to Arap Island, our accommodation. We wish you a nice night after a beautiful bay tour.

7 days

Our yacht departs from Arap Island at 10:00 and arrives at Kadırga Bay at 11:00. You can spend your time in this bay until 14:00. We leave the bay at 14:00 and arrive at Cennet Island, which is the last accommodation address of our week, at 14:30. We are spending the last night of this beautiful week in this paradise island. It may be a sweet weariness, but nothing compared to the beauty you see. If you like blue cruise tours and want to explore different routes, you know how to reach us.

Day 8

We start to move from Cennet Island at 09:00 after our breakfast service. Unfortunately, this beautiful journey ends at 10:00. We are very happy to host you thanks to our weekly yacht tours that add color to your holiday.

On our yacht;

Our breakfast time is 09:00 – Lunch is 13:30 – Dinner is served at 19:30. If you want, you can set the hours according to you.

If you want to stay somewhere other than the bays written on the route, our captain will help you stay where you want. Remember, everything is for you to have a nice sea voyage.

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