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Has Yacht Charter - Yacht Charter Contract

01 - Renter


Company Name: :

Hasmarine Yatçılık Ltd.Şti

Tax ID

Fethiye - 458 063 32 86

Address  :

Tuzla Mah.Sadi Pekin Cad.28/1 Fethiye - Muğla

Telephone :

0850 305 50 88 – 0555 719 03 30




02 - Charterer


Name surname


Id.  or Passport number :


Address :


Telephone :


E-mail  :



03 - Yacht Details


Yacht Name :


Yacht Lenght :


Yacht Beam :


Cabins :


Flag :          


Category :


Port :



04 - Tour Details


Check-in Date - Hours :


Check-out Date - Hours :


Days :


Check-in Port :


Check-out Port :


Route :


Max Pax :



05 - Payment Details


Yacht Charter Fee :


Supply Fee:


Extras :


Other Fee :



Total Price:


Pre-payment Price :


Pre-payment Date :


Remaining balance :



The remaining amount will be paid in cash to the Has Yachting staff before entering the boat.


Services Included: The right to use the chartered yacht for the specified date range, insurance, crew + service, fuel on the route, Turkish Port expenses (excluding all private marinas), daytime air conditioning use, utility water and tubing, towels and textile products on the boat (bed linen-sheets) boat equipment, daily service and cleaning, transitlog

Not Included Services: Consumed food, beverage and cleaning materials, Airport round-trip transfers, Greek Islands entry-exit and island expenses (if any), land tour and ruins entrance fees, water sports and fuel, marina tying expenses outside the program.



07 - The personal information used while making the reservation will not be shared with other institutions, individuals and organizations, except for the port authorities and the agencies that carry out the port operations.

08 - The RENTER agrees to rent the yacht, the details of which are given above, to the TENANT in full equipment, in working condition and with full crew, between the periods specified above.

09 - a.The CHARTERER undertakes not to exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the boat. Otherwise, the entire boat will be out of the insurance coverage and the responsibility of all problems that may arise belongs to the CHARTERER.

        b.With the presence of children on the boat, the BOAT OWNER undertakes to ensure their safety, but does not go beyond her responsibilities in Article 18.

        c.Cruise by boat is suitable for people with physical disabilities or medical assistance. With this agreement, the CHARTERER agrees that the health conditions of all participants are suitable for sailing by boat, and that vaccinations and controls will be made when necessary,

10 - The boat will be presented to the CHARTERER with the number of crew stipulated by the BOAT OWNER. In addition, he undertakes that the Captain and Crew, who are insured, have full personnel rights and are responsible for the cleaning, service and cooking services required by the boat, will act in accordance with the laws in the territorial waters they are in,

11 - The RENTER is responsible for the delivery of the boat as insured. The CHARTERER shall not be liable for any accidents, fires and damages that occur in crewed rentals. In activities such as water sports, in cases of accidental injury or death, the CHARTERER is responsible for personal insurance.

12 -a The BOAT OWNER is responsible for the problems arising from the boat not being delivered on the date and time specified in the contract. The BOAT OWNER will extend the proportional tour period for a period determined jointly with the CHARTERER for each day or hour the boat is detained. In addition, the CHARTERER and its guests will undertake the damage caused by the delay.

       b. If the BOAT OWNER does not deliver the boat on the date and time specified in the contract without any force majeure (technical failure, weather conditions, etc.), the CHARTERER shall have the right to renew the contract. In line with the expenses he has made, the CHARTERER will have the right to provide all the invoiced expenses made by him and his guests within the scope of the package tour, without interest. As an alternative to repayment; The BOAT OWNER is obliged to supply a boat of the same or higher quality, if the CHARTERER requests it.

       c. If, for any reason, the BOAT OWNER cannot provide the boat on the date and time specified in the contract, other than force majeure, he is responsible for undertaking the accommodation, food & beverage expenses of the CHARTERER and its guests in an equivalent hotel.

13 – The captain has the right to change the current route, taking into account the sea, weather and other dangerous conditions for the safety of the yacht and its passengers.

14 - If the CHARTERER wants to finish the tour before the agreed date, except for force majeure, he cannot demand the return of the days he has not used.

15- Cancellation Conditions

· For cancellations up to 90 days before the tour date, 20% of the tour price will be deducted and the cancellation will be made.

· In cancellations made 89-30 days before the tour date, 30% of the tour price is deducted and cancellation is made.

· For cancellations made 29 days before the tour date, the full cost of the tour is requested.

·  Refunds for tour cancellations; within 30 days after the cancellation date.

· Has Yachting quickly opens the boat for sale in order not to make the tenant suffer in case of any cancellation. In case of finding a new lessee, if there is a price difference, he gives the boat to the new lessee by getting the renter's approval and returns the deposit to the lessee by deducting the price difference. If there is no price difference, the entire deposit will be refunded. Cancellation policies apply if the boat is empty.

16 - In line with any complaint of the CHARTERER, the captain should be informed and the problem should be resolved in the first place. However, if the problem is not resolved by the master, the CHARTERER is obliged to notify the BOAT OWNER of his/her complaint verbally or in writing within 24 hours.

17- Daily Air Conditioning usage hours are ………….

18 -The BOAT OWNER declares that all damages, penalties, damages, losses, expenses (including legal costs) caused directly or indirectly by the CHARTERER will be compensated from the CHARTERER, this clause is valid even if the agreement is terminated for whatever reason.

19 - This distance package tour contract consists of 25 articles and has been committed and signed by the parties.


Date :






Tuzla Mahallesi 638 Sokak No:20/3 

Fethiye / Muğla



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